Buying info and answers- Please read before ordering


Sales and Shipping Info




1- Sales are through Paypal


2- Shipping price is an estimate of Shipping cost, packing materials, insurance, and handling costs.


3- If you order more than one item, shipping cost will be reduced and I will partially refund based on total cost.


4- If shipping price on label is less than $15, please remember packing materials and above mentioned costs. 


5- If shipping cost is greater than listed, I will not charge you more after purchase.  *** does not include International orders, special requests, expedited shipping, or anything other than standard shipping.  Feel free to contact me with questions BEFORE purchasing. 


6- I ship no sooner than two days after ordering.  I ship on Thursdays.  If you have time-based needs, please contact me before ordering. 



7- Sales are final. I'm not into returns or buyers remorse. 


8- Please make sure you are positive about your order before hitting the buy button. 


9- If there is an issue with the product upon arrival, please contact me. 


10- Returned items for special case scenarios will be dealt with case by case. 


11- Return shipping if agreement is made will be the responsibility of the buyer.


12- Any damage due to shipping should be documented with pictures and an immediate email with images to me.  We will work it out and remedy the situation. 


13- I'm still new to online ordering.  Please be kind and patient with me.  I will try to respond to any email/orders within 2 days.





- NOT microwave safe ( contains real gold )


- i don't recommend dishwashers for any handmade pottery, including this, but you do you